Run an errand for people most at-risk during Coronavirus.
Or have an errand run for you.

Like to run or ride your bike?
You may want to get out just now.
The most at risk aren’t able to.

Run an errand for someone Run an errand for me

We're starting in London but please do add your details wherever you are and we will keep you posted. Things are moving fast.

How it works:

1 Fill out the “Run an Errand for Me’ form.
2 You’ll get a phone call from a volunteer in your area who will be running your errand, so you can confirm for them exactly what you need and where you need it from. We want to make sure we get it right!
3 Assuming it’s something that needs paying for, you can choose to pay in one of three ways:
- Call the shop in advance to place the order and pay with your credit card over the phone, letting them know someone else will be picking it up on your behalf.
- Provide your volunteer with the payment using telephone or online banking or an app. Why? Cash is discouraged right now in government guidance as it can spread the virus. We ask you agree how you'll pay the volunteer who is running your errand with them directly.
4 Whatever payment method you prefer, your errand runner (or rider) will include your receipt in the delivery bag and leave the bag at your doorstep, knocking your door or your bell, so you know it’s arrived.
5 What do we mean by an errand? We mean picking up a few things. Up to six items with a total value of no more than £20. This isn't your monthly shop. Instead it's a few items that a runner or cyclist can carrry. Have in mind little and often, say a 2-3 times a week.

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